The Abu Dhabi Media Summit is an unprecedented gathering of the people and companies driving the transition to a fully networked new world. The event features a unique combination of high-profile public sessions, closed-door discussions and private conversations, bringing together top-tier global media players and their emerging-market counterparts. Targeted sectors include mobile, broadband, traditional television, print, entertainment, news, music, advertising & marketing, venture capital & equity finance, with special emphasis on the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, East Asia and China. Selected entrepreneurs and start-up companies are also featured, bridging the gap between established and disruptive entrants. Simultaneously eclectic, wide-reaching and exclusive, ADMS has quickly established itself as an essential date on the global media leadership calendar.

The Middle East leads the march as the world transitions into an increasingly networked space. The region has evolved as a fertile breeding ground for innovation in the next wave of new media - mobile, TV, film, gaming, sports TV, content creation, big data and more.

Powered by twofour54, the Abu Dhabi Media Summit brings together leaders and innovators in media, technology, venture capital and creative content to explore the expectations, opportunities and challenges involved in making investments in new media in the MENA region and beyond. In the race to an all-digital future, it is decisive investment, rapid deployment and flexible adaptation that will separate the winners from the losers.